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Frances & Ryan’s Wedding Day | The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center | Houston, TX Wedding Photographer

Soooooo, I was going to try to explain how amazing these two really are together and how special their love is for each other but instead of doing it absolutely no justice I have decided to let the bride herself explain their love story…

“Ryan and I have had a long history. We grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same elementary school. We cannot remember when we actually met, but our first class together was in junior high. We became best friends in high school, but fell in love in college at the University of Texas. We had been dating for a couple of years by the time senior year had come around. We were both great students interviewing for graduate schools and jobs in the fall of our senior year. Our hard work proved to be worthwhile because we were both able to pursue our dreams, but it was bittersweet since we committed to cities across the country from each other. Ryan was to be a process engineer nearby his dream city, San Francisco, and I was going to be a student in a doctoral pharmacy program. Being in a long distance relationship, which lasted four years, was one of the best and challenging experiences for the both of us. We learned how to be independent and how to communicate better.” – Frances

Who says long distance relationships don’t work??…No one who knows these two!!

It was very evident on the wedding day how much love Frances and Ryan have for each other and how much their friends and family love them together!!

Frances & Ryan ~ thank you for letting me witness your amazing bond in person and capture your wonderful wedding day! Best wishes on your life together in California!! I know you two must be over the moon about finally being “together”!!

Can I just say…Frances is not even in her gown yet and look how gorgeous she looks in just her white robe and veil….

Frances looked absolutely stunning in her San Patrick “Clamor” gown!!

The cake topper is the same cake topper used for Ryan’s Great-Grandparent’s wedding day…

I have never seen a “Cake Pull” at a wedding…each bridesmaid pulled a charm, each with a different symbolic meaning.

I stepped outside to shoot an evening shot of The Woodlands Resort (above) and took a quick peek in at the wedding and captured this moment of sisterly love (below)…touching up the lip gloss…

Mid-way through the wedding reception, the Bride, Groom and their families took part in a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony…

Back to some dancin’…

Wow…wonder what they are all taking pictures of??!!………

Ryan….RAPPING!!! It was AWESOME!!

Congratulations to Ryan & Frances!!!!



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  • frank

    beautiful wedding for 2 beautiful people….congrats Frances and Ryan!ReplyCancel

  • Frances Luong

    Beautiful photos! I love all of them!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Bishop

    Wow! Frances, you look beautiful. Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Cantu

    Very nice photos! I loved the way special moments were captured throughout the entire wedding. Adrian and I had an awesome time! Congratulations Frances and Ryan! <3ReplyCancel

  • patty

    Wonderful photography. Beautiful event. Awesome couple. Best to you, Frances and Ryan!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin

    Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Joy

    Gorgeous photos! Congrats again Frances & Ryan!!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Congrats Frances & Ryan!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Fuller

    These are beautiful!! Such an amazing wedding, bride & groom! Thomas and I were so blessed to share in your special day! We had a wonderful time.ReplyCancel

  • Ryan O'Leary

    These photos are awesome! I can’t wait to see the whole collection. We’re going to need a lot of picture frames.

    The chronoligical retelling of the wedding through these photos is incredible. It really brings me back. Very well done,!ReplyCancel

  • Sam

    frances & ryan are so good looking!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    LOVE the photos! It was such a beautiful day! Can’t wait to see the rest!ReplyCancel

  • Geo Tu

    Beautiful photos! Really captured the special moments. I can’t wait to see the rest in person. =)ReplyCancel

  • Heidi

    Beautiful photos that captured the fun-loving personalities of the happy couple! Congrats Frances and Ryan!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen McQuiston

    You truly captured the essence of Frances and Ryan’s wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy

    Absolutely gorgeous – wedding, photos, and of course Bride & Groom! :) Can’t wait to see the rest of them!ReplyCancel

  • Pooneh Mianabi

    Beautiful job,! Can’t wait to see the whole collection! Love that these pics are in chronological order of one of the most beautiful nights! :)ReplyCancel

  • Nick

    Fantastic photos! Had a really really good time at the wedding. Congrats, Frances and Ryan!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret

    My favorite ones were the back and whites of Frances and Ryan together.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    The most beautiful couple…amazing pictures . Def captured the glorious night!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany Joe

    These are perfect!! What great photos and such a beautiful wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Kimmy

    Everything looks amazing!!ReplyCancel

  • Corin

    How beautiful! I love the tea ceremony!ReplyCancel

  • kim nguyen

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple!ReplyCancel

  • Steve Son

    Good photography! I like the tender moments captured… Frances’ mom and herself looking genuinely happy while fixing each other up, Ryan’s friends putting a finishing touch on his sharp suit, the details of the ring, flower bouquets, beautiful Frances and handsome Ryan in Vietnamese costumes and the simple yet complete Tea Ceremony setting… Congrat!ReplyCancel

  • TL

    So honored to be a part of such a beautiful and special occasion.ReplyCancel

  • Hanan

    ” A picture is worth a thousand words” and the photos you guys took definitely coined that phrase and captured the happiness in that beautiful wedding. Congratulations Frances and Ryan!!All the best to y’all:)ReplyCancel

  • Sunny Burnett

    Congrats to the bride and groom. Beautiful pictures, especially the bride’s mother Kim.

    Love, SunnyReplyCancel

  • Jessica L

    I love the bubble picture at the end!ReplyCancel

  • Joseph Martinez

    Amazing photos! props to the photographer. you did a great job capturing key moments throughout the day. Congrats to Frances and Ryan! It was a pleasure being there for your wedding day and I had a great time with everyone.ReplyCancel

  • Tevie

    Congratulations! The pictures look great.ReplyCancel

  • krisna chau

    The pictures are beautiful, they were blessed with a wonderful sunny for an outdoor wedding. Loved the black & white pictures too for contrast. The bride and groom look very happy, the bride has a beautiful smile like her mother.


  • Michelle Luong

    Love the pictures! Cheers to the beautiful bride and handsome groom; these pictures definitely captured the wonderful moments!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn Nguyen

    Love her style and the way Frances wears her Áo Dài over her gorgeous wedding gown.
    Congratulations to Frances and Ryan.

    Trúc Lynn , your mom’s friend.ReplyCancel

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